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What Should My Child Wear During Lessons?

Option 1:

2 in 1 Happy Nappy Product 

The Happy Nappy Wetsuit and the Happy Nappy Costume are our 2 in 1 baby swimwear options. They both have an inbuilt reusable swim nappy for convenience. Wear these with a Huggies Little swimmer and you're ready to go. 

Option 2:

Happy Nappy & Optional Layer

The Happy Nappy is an innovative reusable swim nappy. Add an extra layer of baby swimwear for warmth such as a Wetsuit Wrap, Warm in One or UV All in One. We highly recommend a wam layer for babies under 1. Wear with a Huggies Little Swimmer and your baby is ready for class.

We also sell second hand stock, if you are interested in our selection please email us here.

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