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Benefits of Baby Swimming

Here at Splash Baby we are passionate about teaching babies and children to not only swim but to love the water. An early start will set baby up with a wealth of advantages for later in life and will create lifelong memories for you and your partner.


Water is a natural environment for young babies and an early start will ensure fear of the water never eventuates. Baby's neuro-muscular and physical development is very important in early age and the water is a great place for them to grow and develop freedom of movement, without being restricted as they are on land. One of the benefits of baby swimming is that the activities they will encounter will help to promote important muscle development and control. New neurons will be firing and new pathways developing with every new skill.


Social interactions, skin to skin contact and parent bonding will also boost both caregivers and babies self esteem. Caregivers will gain confidence using safe holds and learn techniques for floating and moving their baby in the pool.