Baby swimming in water
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Baby Swimming Lessons for Under One's


Junior & Senior Levels

Jellyfish swimming level

We have two Jellyfish levels, our Junior Jellyfish is for babies 4 months to 8 months and Senior Jellyfish for babies 1 year and under. These classes usually run on a Sunday morning. 

Jellyfish Content

For most swimmers the Jellyfish level will be their first introduction into a swimming pool environment. Our instructors take a lot of care in providing a safe and supportive atmosphere for both the baby and the caregiver.

This a fun and engaging level full of songs and splashing and is designed to foster a love of the water and create a bonding experience for you and your baby. In this level you will build towards taking and releasing your baby underwater so that they will become familiar with basic cues and instructions. 

We believe that all babies will tackle new challenges at their own pace and so provide a suitable scale of options for every new skill with no pressure.

With no more than 8 babies in the class it is a great way to meet other new caregivers in a fun and close environment. 

Jellyfish Details

Classes in the Jellyfish level are 30mins long and one caregiver is in the water with their baby at all times. Close support from the instructor will ensure that both you and your baby feel comfortable and confident throughout the lessons. Wherever possible we recommend that the same caregiver attends all lessons. 

Babies will need to wear two nappies during the lesson, a Huggies Little Swimmer (or a reusable waterproof nappy) as well as a Happy Nappy wetsuit. You can find and purchase the wetsuit here from our NZ baby swimwear store. Caregivers are encouraged to wear swimming appropriate attire and will need goggles for the lessons.