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Swimming Lessons for Toddlers

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Junior & Senior Levels

Turtles Content

In the Turtles level swimmers will become skilled at movement through the water. Children at this age often become aware of the water as a different environment and the activities and skills in this level are essential for helping the swimmers embrace and love the water. As the level progresses caregivers will enjoy seeing their child grow into confident and happy swimmers. 

Our Turtles will become independent with basic water safety skills and as they progress into Senior Turtles they will start to develop key swimming styles. Lessons will be a balanced mix of songs, games and activities as well as learning new skills. 

We encourage our Turtles to start interacting with each other and classes are a fun social environment for both the swimmers and the caregivers. Our instructors in this level encourage caregivers to move at the pace of their swimmer with many options provided to keep them stimulated and progressing. 

Turtles Details

Classes in this level are 30mins long and have up to 8 toddlers in each class. All caregivers are in the water with their swimmer and should wear water appropriate swimwear as well as goggles. 

Swimmers in this level are now encouraged to wear goggles as they will be spending more time under the water. They will need to wear two nappies; both a Huggies Little Swimmer (or any reusable waterproof nappy) as well as a Happy Nappy option, either the full wetsuit or just the Happy Nappy itself. You can find and purchase either option here