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Swimming Lessons for Preschoolers


Junior & Senior Levels

Dolphins Content

In this level swimmers will continue to advance their skillset and start to focus on stroke specific skills in a fun and dynamic class environment. In the Dolphins level they will build on skills learnt in previous levels, at this stage they will be very independent and will progress to be able to do most activities with limited support. 

Dolphins will progress their diving skills to supported kneeling dives, will be able to float by themselves or with limited support and will be confident swimming widths of the pool. In the Senior level they will be introduced to specific breathing drills that will set them up for school-aged swimming lessons. A big focus of this level, especially in Senior Dolphins, is to develop Backstroke progressions. 

Our Dolphins level is an engaging and lively level as there is constant interaction within the class and a great group dynamic. Swimmer-led tasks will let children focus on the skills and activities that they enjoy the most.

Dolphins Details

New swimmers who have not participated in any Splash Baby lessons will need a free assessment before joining this level. 


Swimmers in this level will need to wear goggles as they will be spending a lot of time under the water. Caps are also optional at this level. Toddlers will need to wear two nappies, for new swimmers we recommend both a Huggies Little Swimmer (or any reusable waterproof nappy) as well as a Happy Nappy. You can find and purchase a Happy Nappy here


Caregivers are encouraged to wear swimming appropriate attire and will need goggles for the lessons.