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Baby Swimming Lessons for Over One's

Ducklings swim class


Junior & Senior Levels

Our Junior Ducklings is for babies aged 12 - 18 months and our Senior Ducklings is for babies aged 18 - 24 months. These normally run on a Sunday morning. 

Duckling Content

Our Duckling Levels provide a great stepping stone for babies and caregivers eager to develop water skills and safety. Our instructors will guide you individually through fun and interactive lessons that will build both your confidence and your baby's abilities. 

These levels encourage a lot of fun parent to baby interaction through the use of songs, games and activities. Family and friends will be blown away by how confident babies in this level become as they start to develop water safety skills. 

As in all our levels we provide a non pressured environment for you and your baby to learn these essential skills. Our instructors are experts at choosing the appropriate scale for your child whilst maintaining a fun and positive atmosphere. 

Duckling Details

In the Duckling level all classes are 30mins long with no more than 8 babies in each class. Caregivers are in the water at all times and will receive encouragement and individual help from their instructor. Wherever possible we recommend the same caregiver attends all lessons. 

Babies will need to wear two nappies for the lessons, a Huggies Little Swimmer or any reusable waterproof nappy as well as a Happy Nappy wetsuit. You can find and purchase the wetsuit here. Caregivers are encouraged to wear swimming appropriate attire and will need goggles for the lessons.