Baby swimming underwater
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Our Baby Swimming Classes & Levels

Splash Baby Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Here at Splash Baby our instructors have a genuine love of the water and swimming and are passionate about passing this on to the next generation. Our baby swimming lessons and levels are designed to build water confidence, water safety and provide an engaging swimming community for everyone. 

Our lessons provide an irreplaceable bonding opportunity for you and your child, with caregivers in the water every lesson your child will set the pace for their learning and development.  We look forward to starting your child's swimming journey with you. 


one's & Under

These classes are a great first introduction into a swimming pool environment. 

This a fun and engaging level full of songs and splashing and is designed to foster a love of the water. 

one's & Over

The lessons provide a great stepping stone for developing independent water skills. There is a lot of fun caregiver-to-baby interaction through the use of songs, games and activities. 

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In our toddler swim lessons children start to learn independent movement through the water and classes are a fun social environment for both the swimmers and the caregivers. 



For swimmers over 3 our preschooler classes are a dynamic environment designed to help boost your child's swimming ability. In these classes swimmers will continue to advance their skillset and start to focus on stroke specific skills.