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Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Swimming Lesssons


How young can my baby start swimming lessons?

Our first level is typically for ages 4-8 months, however if you would like to start earlier please get in contact as we do allow for slightly earlier starts.

Will my child get cold?

Our private pool is heated to the recommended temperature of 32 degrees. We also offer a wetsuit option for children who would like an extra layer of warmth.

Does my child need to wear a nappy in the water?

Yes, with all of our swimmers we require a double nappy during lessons. This consists of two parts, the under layer is a Huggies Little Swimmer (available at most supermarkets) or a reusable waterproof nappy. The over layer needs to be a Happy Nappy wetsuit or Happy Nappy, both of these are available to purchase at our store.

Do I have to take my baby underwater?

We believe each child will be ready in their own time and so take a 'child led' approach. Your child will not be taken underwater until they have indicated they are ready, parents will have the opportunity to do so from the very first lesson.

What if my baby or I are sick and can't make the lesson?

We offer one make-up lesson for all of our customers, regardless of the reason they were absent. This make-up lesson will take place within a week of the last lesson of the term.

What if I am not confident in the water?

Our pool is only 1.2m deep so as long as you are happy standing in the water and putting your face under then you are more then capable of attending our lessons. The instructors are happy to support you and your baby if the need arises.

What do I wear to the lesson?

We require caregivers to be in the water so they will need to be wearing water appropriate swimwear such as togs, rash-tops etc. Caregivers will need to have goggles at the lessons so they can best aid their child underwater.