toddler swimming lesson
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Bridging Course for Swimmers before Learn to Swim

Bridging class for swimmers

Bridging Course

Ages up to and including 5

Class Content

Our Bridging course is designed to prepare swimmers for Learn-to-Swim lessons (where caregivers are not present in the water). We begin this course with caregivers in the water developing the balance, co-ordination and confidence of the swimmers. When swimmers show a natural independence caregivers will slowly start to transition out of the class in small steps.


Swimmers usually spend 2 terms in this course where we teach children how to kick with efficient technique that holds momentum, control their breathing and strengthen their core and balance. Swimmers will build stamina to be able to swim full lengths of the pool and learn correct swimming technique to transfer into full Learn-to-Swim lessons. 

Like all classes at Splash Baby this level will centre around the philosophy of creating a fun and engaging environment for all our swimmers and caregivers, with the aim to nurture a love of swimming for all. 

Course Details 

Swimmers new to Splash Baby will need to complete a free assessment before entering this level. 

In the Bridging course cap and goggles are compulsory for all swimmers as this is often the case in Learn-to-Swim lessons. Children may wear swimming appropriate attire and we strongly recommend swimmers do not wear baggy rash-tops or wetsuits as this can hinder their range of motion. 

Caregivers will be required to bring togs and goggles to every lesson although may not spend every lesson in the water.