3 year old swimming lessons
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Swimming Lessons for Advanced Toddlers


Junior & Senior Levels

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Otters Content

Our Junior and Senior Otter levels are for children confident in the water and ready to progress to more advanced swimming skills. In the Otter level there is a strong focus on encouraging swimming and moving independently. 

They will be introduced to more advanced underwater swimming and will build their kicking technique with boards, noodles and bubbles. This is a great level for building foundations that they will use throughout their swimming journey.

Our Otters will build on friendships within the group and many of our activities will involve interacting with other swimmers. This is a fun and engaging level where children make lifelong friends and share a joy of swimming. 

Otters Details

Any new swimmers wanting to start at this level in the Splash Baby will require a free assessment before joining. 


Swimmers in this level are now encouraged to wear goggles as a large part of their lesson will be spent underwater. Caps are also optional at this level. 

Children in this level will still need to wear two nappies; both a Huggies Little Swimmer (or any reusable waterproof nappy) as well as a Happy Nappy option, either the full wetsuit or just the Happy Nappy itself. You can find and purchase either option here


We recommend caregivers wear swimming appropriate attire and they will need goggles for the lessons.